My first Airbnb experience – Modern comfort in NYC

As a travel blogger, admitting I only recently had my first Airbnb experience could be credibility damaging.  Oh well, I’m late to the party here.

To be honest, I’ve looked at Airbnb in the past and then obviously compared the options available with other platforms, such as, and tended to find results similar.

My worries about Airbnb were:

  • Some sort of payments issue or fraud
  • Last minute cancellation and having to find somewhere else at significant cost
  • General British awkwardness about the host/visitor relationship
  • The accommodation not being to a standard I expect of a hotel

My friend Jenna and I decided to book flights to New York because our planned trip to Benicassim festival was spiralling out of budget. We definitely felt the need to find somewhere to stay that wouldn’t end in us re-arranging yet another trip (and flights aren’t transferable!).

We looked into hotels, but they were insanely expensive. My words! When we started exploring Airbnb, I couldn’t really believe how trendy some of the places on offer were, and how many ratings they had.  The company had obviously become so much more legit than I had realised.

We found the perfect place, titled ‘Modern Comfort’ in Brooklyn, near Greenpoint, where we hoped for. It was an ‘entire flat’ scenario, with kitchen, bathroom, living room and small study.

Booking was simple, we were approved right away. I chose to pay in two installments, mainly because I thought I would be able to pay the balance shortly after but actually, they take the second payment on a specific date.

Our host was brilliant. I messaged as soon as I booked to let her know our arrival time, and then nearer to our trip she made sure we had everything we needed to know to get there.

She greeted us at the house and showed to us our apartment – a second storey entire floor apartment of the home that she lived in.  After she explained how to use the keys we didn’t hear from her again until she sent us a message to remind us how to check out.  It was comforting to know that she was just downstairs though in case we had any questions.

And the apartment was amazing. Airbnb lets you enjoy living in your dream home for a few days! So different to a hotel room with no personality.

Living room

It featured original crown molding, high ceilings and original cast iron windows – just like I’d seen in films and TV programmes set in New York.There was also a brand new leather couch, a reading nook with a lounge chair and a collection of books in the book case.

I’d noted there was no air conditioning in this room but the floor lamp was fierce! No aircon needed (and it was humid this July!).


Image (C) Airbnb

The cute little kitchen had a small toaster oven, a microwave, a double burner hob, a cafetiere, and an electric kettle – which was a surprise because I’ve never come across an electric kettle in America before. Local coffee beans roasted in Brooklyn were provided along with a coffee bean grinder. I have never ground beans myself before! The kitchen tap also had a built-in water filter for drinking water.

There was also a pantry next to the kitchen with a big fridge, ironing board, iron, more clean towels etc.


Image (C) Airbnb

It was an old bathroom with some original and very retro fittings. THE SOFTEST towels, flannels, cotton balls, cotton swabs, toilet paper, nice brands of shampoo, conditioner, and soap were provided.  I especially loved the shower which was powerful.


Image (C) Airbnb

The bedroom had a really well dressed queen-size bed, wardrobe, and a chest of drawers. Big windows gave a view of the neighborhood and the room had an air conditioner.

I loved all the mid-century style furnishings throughout.

All my worries about Airbnb were unnecessary, I just hope every experience is as good! My next Airbnb escapade will be in Cologne next month. I could be an Airbnb convert… I may even become an Airbnb slag…

ℹ Our stay was for four nights in the entire Modern Comfort in NYC apartment, in the Greenpoint area of Brooklyn, and cost £600 including taxes and fees.