Ashes to crashes: LAD writes-off car after ogling Bowie tribute

In some parts of the world, memorials at the roadside are common.  In the UK though, you rarely see a shrine to the dead on the city bypass.

On that basis, we can all sympathise with the case of one 38-year-old in Leeds who wrote his car off after spotting a house-sized shrine to Starman David Bowie.

The man found his Seat Ibiza in the back of a lamppost on his regular routine commute from work after spotting oversized portraits of Ziggy Stardust and Major Tom – mounted to a semi-detached’s windows and front door.

“I just thought ‘What the hell? He died over a year ago – why now?’” said Chris Robinson, a branding expert from Leeds. “It’s such a half-arsed attempt as well, to say it was on the A65. That’s what I couldn’t believe the most. He should have used more fairy lights.”

Luckily no one was hurt in the accident, including Chris, but the car had to be scrapped after the airbag inflated.

But has anyone told the super-fan the distraction they’re causing? “I drove past again the other day,” Chris tells us. “They’d taken one of the pictures down. I don’t have the heart to admit what happened.”

We’re not sure if someone should put a stop to this or Chris should just keep his eye on the road.

This article was written in May 2017. My target media style was LAD Bible.