Tattoo artist raises £500 inking Manchester bee

A local tattoo artist has inked his way to raising more than £500 during a fundraising event for victims of the Manchester terrorism attack.

James Ellison, 24, of Bolton Drive, spent his day off on Sunday tattooing the ‘worker bee’ – a symbol of Manchester’s industrial past – onto people showing their solidarity to the victims.

Each bee design cost £40 with all cash donated to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund, in partnership with the British Red Cross.

“I’d seen what happened on the news and wanted to do something to help,” says Mr Ellison, of Icon Tattoo Studio in Undercliffe. “It’s part of a global fundraising event that’s raised over £16,000. The response has been overwhelming.”

Tricia Grant, 60, of Greengates was one of the people who visited Icon on Sunday to have her first ever tattoo.

“When James said what he was doing on Facebook, I said I’ve never wanted a tattoo, but watching what happened at Manchester really got to me. I thought ‘I just had to have it’,” Mrs Grant says. “I love it and I’m glad I had the guts to have it done.”

More tattoos will be finished in the coming week, taking their funds to more than £600.

This article was written in June 2017. My target media style was local news.