The vagina hat you wanted for winter is finally here and, wow

Christmas is a time of comfort, joy and giving, and what could make a more generous gift than a handmade vagina hat for a special someone in the depths of winter.

The pink and red ‘pussy hat’ is lovingly crafted by Alenka Sirchenko, 29, from the city of Chernigov in the Ukraine, and is sold on the Etsy store HappyUnderwearGifts alongside other ‘sexy gifts’ including Rudolf underwear for men with a very long nose.

In the last few days, Alenka’s gifts have almost broken the internet after being featured in The Sun, the Metro and Yahoo, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of shares across Facebook and Twitter.

But for Alenka, it all came as a bit of a surprise: “Honestly, I do not know where I was advertised.  I did not ask anyone about advertising, I never paid for it and I do not know how to do it.  It went viral and I was sent some links to news items through Facebook.  I did not expect such a fuss around little me!”

The question we’re all wondering is ‘why?’  Alenka says it was the challenge of making something unique and new, and the money people will pay for an original gift: “In our country the average salary is $80-150 per month, so the extra money is so helpful around this time of year. I just never expected it to become so popular, I used to have 5-10 orders a month and now I get 15-20 orders a day. I’m just so tired.”

If you fancy picking up a fun gift from Alenka, prices range from $10 for a penis lip balm. cosy to $65 for sexy Rudolf briefs.

This article was written in December 2017. My target media style was – an online women’s lifestyle newsfeed.